What seasons can we schedule a trip?
Trout trips can be scheduled May-July. Steelhead trips can be scheduled July- October.

Are all skill levels welcome?

All skill levels are welcome, from beginners to experts.

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit. However, please keep in mind we will be on the water all day. Use your best judgement to determine whether or not a young angler would be able to endure a full day of activity.

How many people can go on a day trip? Multi-day trip?

We can accommodate up to 6 anglers on day trips and camp trips.
Prices will vary depending on how many anglers are present.

Do you choose the food - snacks and meals?

We provide all food and beverages except alcoholic beverages on day and multi-day trips. We can accomodate for food allergies if we are told ahead of time.

Can I bring my own food/drinks?

Absolutely, I encourage you to bring your own beers (21+) and snacks if you choose too. However, lunches, water, sodas, and snacks will be provided.

What is your cancellation policy?

You must cancel your trip at least 2 weeks prior to the departure date.
I will work with you to reschedule your trip for a future date.